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August 12, 2013



Ah, Moon, I've been thinking about you as this milestone approaches. Bee went to kindergarten last year... just started first grade last week (I KNOW, ridiculous new schedule in new state). I remember him being born like it was yesterday : ) Grab a friend and go out to lunch. That is my big advice.


Awesome! Are you still Project-Lifing? If so, I'd LOVE to see how you've been getting on with it!


i will be posting my PL on wednesdays and on that same day when the kids start school, i plan on having lunch with my lady friends. :)

Agata Dagmara Pfister

You can always make a layout about your mixed emotions but who am I to tell you this?! I have the same situation, both of my kids will go to school and it just kills me!!! Even though I'll have more time on my hands... Wishing you plenty of courage!

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