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May 14, 2012


Cynthia B.

Your changes look awesome! Home renovation is not for the faint of heart. Happy for you that you're almost done!


Did you lay the beadboard over the tile or take the tile out? We just bought a new to us house back in January and my bathroom looks just like yours! Pink tile...everywhere! I'd love to know how you did this!


hey rachel,
we took all the tile out to the studs and insulated all the walls. then we put the bead board in. taking the tile out was a process (walls and floors) because there was about 2 inches on concrete under the tile that had to be taken out as well. i think when we decide to work on the other bathroom, which is exactly like the pink one but smaller, we will take everything out to the studs and start from scratch. it was really difficult trying to line up the existing drywall to the new bead board wall.
hope that helps,

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The before and after changes is totally different, the after is way better than before of course. You need to pat yourself for a job well done, your bathroom looks elegant and amazing.

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I agree, the choice of color and combination that you choose really adds an appaeal to the entire bathroom space. The lavatory looks very elegant now that it's teamed up with white cabinets, and the walls? What can I say but W-O-W.


thanks so much, cynthia!


thanks so much!



thank you! the wall color is called aegean teal by benjamin moore. i thought it may be a little bit too dark but with all the white, i like how it turned out.


Lighting is also a good place to invest some money when deciding to remodel a small bathroom. Lighting fixtures mounted above a sink or recessed into the ceiling can make the room appear larger and brighter without taking up any space in the room.


WOW!! That is one nice bathroom that you got there Moon!!! :)

Lara Bathurst

That's nice. Your bathroom has undergone a complete renovation, hasn't it? I don't see any traces of your old bathroom design, even to the smallest detail. Anyway, I like that you chose a black vanity top. It gives a strong, striking design for your bathroom. But I think it would look good if you also installed a transparent glass tile. That’s just my opinion though. Either way, your bathroom still looks great as it is.

Darryl Iorio

I agree with Lara. There are no traces of your old bathroom design when it was remodeled. How about your pipe lines and plumbing fixtures? I can only see the new faucet installed in your new double vanity bathroom top. You have to check on it also. But the design does look good overall.

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When we renovate our bathroom then we should keep in mind that there will be enough space and windows also so that ventilation be good. These are nice pictures and renovation done very well.

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Woah! That black vanity counter top certainly provides that oomph to your bathroom. It's probably the main highlight of that room. I love how you paired it along with white walls and cabinets. It definitely stands out in the room.

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The old design is pretty but the new design is fabulous! Great job! :)

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We really appreciate the photography and a new designing that is my goodness to see all them. Thank you very much.

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