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October 29, 2011



can. not. tell you how much i love it!

Linda Trace

ohmygod I'm kind of having palpitations here...

I only have one question

When can you come do my place?! (i already have the grey walls....can you do the rest?!)

UH-MAZING!! Does C-man like it? I'll bet he does ...and jumps on that big bed a WHOLE heap :)


thanks merideth!


charlie loves his room. we had to put him up in my office during the renovations and he got a little scared up there so he would come into our bedroom in the middle of the night. he did that for the first week of being back in his room but now, he's back to sleeping all the way through the night. in HIS bed.

Linda Trace

*Richard and Moon fistpump* lol :)


looks great! excellent job! love the colors. would you like to come and do our house now? :)


I see your design talent extends way off the scrapbook page! This is awesome, Moon - love it!


love. this. love it!!!


tara pakosta

holy cow moon! you have a future ahead of you in interior design/construction/building/painting etc. you really CAN DO IT ALL! crazy!!!!!!!!!


Oh my goodness, they are the most AMAZING colours I have seen for a long time! so keen to go and do a yellow and grey page asap!!


This is gorgeous! Love it to the moon and back! Wow! Like other ladies, I just can't find words to say how much I love it! Yep, it's sure, you will make a fortune in interior design! :)

Sherrie Ray

Great job - Love love the the grey - what's the name of that paint it awesome!


i got it from lowes. it's sherwin williams cathedral stone.

Matt Price

I really like the yellow accent color your used on the door. I also think the crown moulding and grey color look awesome together. Great remodel!

Alejandra Hutchcraft

Awesome! There’s really no hint of “past” at all; it’s just so amazing! I’m running out of words and I can’t help but stare in disbelief. Did you ask for Charlie’s opinion to see if there’s anything he wanted to add in his room? I wish I can do this to my bedroom too!

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