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August 15, 2011



I'll tell you what my 99 year old grandmother told me when I hit that milestone: "It only hurts for a little while." :-)


40 is great!
It's 41 that sucks!
Happy Belated Bday, Moon!


thanks jody! and i hear ya about 41...i'm dreading it already.


a very wise woman your grandmother...

Winnie H

Happy belated birthday! Hope you have a blast shopping in Target with all those gift cards! My hubby turns 40 this Friday, and am I prepared?!? NO! LOL


thanks so much winnie! your husband's birthday is the same as my oldest and my sister's.
august is a busy birthday month in my family as my niece was born yesterday.


Hey Moon,

Belated birthday wishes from an equally old friend! :) I didn't realize our birthdays were only a day apart. Mine was on August 13th and I turned 40 as well. I have to admit that this was the first time I felt slightly sensitive about turning older! :P Hope you are doing well these days. The kids are looking so much older now (and just as lovely).

Take care,
Margaret :)

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