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August 19, 2011


tara pollard pakosta

She's beautiful!!!
10 already!!!! my 2nd turned 10 in July....so sad!
She is just stunning moon!

Winnie H

I love that LO, it really made me laugh. Your daughter is beautiful! Hope she had a lovely, memorable tenth birthday! :D

young c-m

LOL, as a first born korean daughter, and having a mom who just mentioned moving within 3 hours of where I live now, this post was right on! ;)


thanks tara!


thanks so much, winnie!


see? you're proof that i don't just make this stuff up.


I need this PS brushes- Where can I download it-- Please let me know thxs


Making money with photography

Something all mothers think about. It good to have something to dream about but reality will bring your wishes too. Your daughter is beautiful.


Hey Moon, Just saw on Write.Click.Scrapbook that you would be leaving them. :( But hopefully we'll keep seeing your awesome work here!


That is high expectations for your girl. Good Luck! My girl is 2 & I just like that fact she gives me a kiss and hug good night.

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