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July 22, 2011



moon, loved what you did with the last CZ template, and love what you did with this one too - and its true, great design is what it is - but I also love the little twists you add. Bit of great yourself! ;-)

Diane Herman

and a great take on a great design...thanks for the inspiration :)


this page is amazing!! I love it!

Laetitia (fraom France)


Great take on the template! And a great piece of journaling inspiration! I could do something similar about my daughter (who drive me nuts lately...)

Tracie Claiborne

I also don't have an iPhone and I just heard about instagram yesterday. I am so NOT techie. Love your layout! I saw CZ's template earlier today so it's fun to see your take on it!


I don't digi scrap AND I don't have an iPhone either so I must be really uncool BUT I do love CZ templates and when I saw this one, I knew I was going to use it (more as a sketch) too! LOVE what you did with it! LOVE!


Moon, I have an Iphone (for my job), I can tell you that pics taken with it are...awful. Instagram is fun but it can't save low quality pictures. Love my (real) camera ;-)))))))))

tara pakosta

love it!
I didn't want and iphone at ALL and now I LOVE IT!!!
I have GREAT photos from my iphone 4, but I heard the new 4s takes even better pix. the iphone 3 sucks though!
I have had some of mine printed and they look fabulous!

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