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June 27, 2011


young c-m

What a great way to make a donation! You guys both look great!


An awesome thing to do with your daughter. LOVE your hair and she is sweet!


What a beautiful thing to give your hair for such a cause! And at least we know now after whom your daughter got her looks! :)


Maddie and I did this in January... I couldn't take it anymore—she was a little short so we did Beautiful Lengths for her and Locks of Love for me (I had 11 inches, which was minus the 2 inches I had cut off the month before). It was indeed a happy day. Love your photos!

alexandra s.m.

You both look so beautiful!
Cheers ~

Jody Wenke

You both look beautiful but more importantly,
you will make others feel beautiful too :*)
Thank you.

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