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June 29, 2011


young c-m

Good reminder to cherish even the hard things....my kid is almost 2 (how did that happen?!) and he's a screamer when he doesn't get something he wants....I think I'll be relieved when it's over. And what is it about them wanting to be with us in the bathroom?


i get so many posing pictures and need to try to sneak and take these kind of pictures as well. we really will miss it all.

Diane Herman

all hail the nap :)

Linda Trace

this is a really lovely shot. I wish I could get a photo of my kids sleeping but they wake at the slightest noise!

I feel ya on the toilet escape. I have the same thing! My 3y.o asks "what you got coming mummy? wees?" Mummy's internal monologue screams "mummy's got 10 seconds of silence coming!!" (before she follows me) lol


I'm going through the same phase sort of. I'm also feeling that so many things are simply going away. But maybe it's OK, we're not able to record everything. But some things are oh so worthy!


I'm with you, always !

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