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May 06, 2011


Rachel Briggs


I feel ya. My son has been this angry before and we haven't known why. I"m not sure if it is a boy thing or just a kid thing. Thank God he hasn't cut his hair...yet. He has however cut his clothes and his favorite lovey. Hair grows back, they outgrow clothes, and loves can be sewn. Though I hear ya. I'm on the edge most days too.

Diana C. aka the Lonely Scrapbooker

Children's scissors are great for cutting hair. I know that because my daughter cut off the ends of all her friend's corn rows one day, and then, after that, after we made extra sure to keep scissors out of her reach, she somehow found another pair and did her bangs (which she loved--though they weren't as ahem short as Charlie's.)

katie t

Oh my gosh, Charlie, reminds me so much of my daughter Ellie.


He still looks cute, though! And it will grow back! That's two more bright sides if you ask me! :)


just started reading your blog via write.click.scrapbook. your children are so beautiful and you have such talent! <3 i'm going to be a regular. :D charlie is still v handsome.


So glad I found your blog (through WCS). I love love love your pages and I so relate to the boy thing. I have a one and a half year old son and a four year old daughter. My daughter is such an easy child and never really got into much trouble, then along came this guy and threw our cosy little world into chaos! Mascara on the floor, screaming fits, hair pulling - and that's just the first hour of the day! Your pages make me laugh so much because I am with you!


I thought my day was rough, but you had two of my kids rolled into one! Hang in there.

Nicole S

Oh CUTENESS. He breaks my heart just looking at him with those big brown eyes. Don't worry, every kid cuts their hair at least once!

Ellie A.

Ah yes little boys & Scissors.. my son actually took my Husband's shaver and went to town to his head. Needed to get a TOTAL shave down after that one.. (he was around hmm 6 he's 8 now) when he was around 1 before we had given him his 1st haircut (he had a MASS of curly hair) he found out he could open a jar of Vaseline and well guess where the WHOLE jar went.. yeah I'll let you marinate on that one. Good Times... Good Times.. Boys keep mamas on their toes.. I have an older son but our his "interesting" happening consist of him running, climbing and wanting to be in casts.I'm gonna write a novel one day...Its gonna be a #1 seller I tell ya! That is why I scrapbook you know so I can say OH YES you did, let me show you I got a page just about that :) Ha..


Hair grows back! Find a way to make this into a funny story (without making fun of him) and laugh about it. In the grand scheme of things this is so not a big deal. When one of my sons was almost two he used a permanent marker (that I had left out) and drew his very best smiley face ever...on the living room wall. It was my fault for leaving the marker within his reach, so I couldn't get upset with him. I used the moment to teach him to only draw on paper, and that I should have put my things away, and then I praised him for such a GOOD smiley face and I hung an empty frame around it. 16 years later it still graces our living room wall at about three feet up from the floor! Lovingly teach the lessons you want them to learn, and laugh your way through life with them! They grow up fast. When the real hard things in life start to happen you want them to know they have a mom who is a safe harbor; who will listen, ask the right questions, not get upset at the mistakes they make, and who will help them navigate their way through it all. They are all so precious!

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