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April 22, 2011


Linda Trace

I've misse dyou!! I was literally just about to type a snarky comment ordering you back onto your blog so I could get a dose of ...your snark (lol!)

thanks for the giveaway, but thanks more for coming back to bloggo-land :)

Re: the questions?? I feel your pain. My 3 y.o wont stop with them (and then the arguing with my answer!!! WHAT'S WITH THAT?!?!) *sigh*

sending hugs :)

Linda xx


Thanks for the chance to win! I hear you on the no time to scrap.


Happy Friday! Hope you get some 'question free' time soon!


Missed your posts! Hope you find time and inspiration to get back to scrappin'!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Diana C. aka the Lonely Scrapbooker

Don't enter me as I already have this book, but just to say HI and you're missed ;-)


Hope you have time to scrap and share soon :)


looks like a good one, i would love to win!

sansku :)

i'm sure you'll scrap those interesting questions one day. life gets busy, doesn't it.

joyfyl easter to you and happy spring! :)

ps. i don't know if even this journaling tips book could help me. i'm so not good with words.


We've missed you too! I always enjoy seeing your work... and the rarity makes it even more valuable! :D
Happy Easter to you and your family!


omg..i'm so glad that you're back. i've missed you so much. i check here almost daily waiting patiently for your return. thanks for coming back.


We missed you too!!!!


Thanks for a chance to win! I certainly understand being too busy and being interrupted with endless questions!


Thanks Moon! Love your creations!


Great giveaway!


I have missed your layouts but I understand about trying to find time to scrap. TKS for the chance to win.


I've missed you, too, but understand.

I couldn't call myself a loyal follower unless I was willing to wait for your posts!


Missed you!


I'll take whatever snippet I can get!Thanks for the update.

Lori F

Love to see your posts... don't forget about us! Thanks for the giveaway!!


We've missed you, too! Can't wait to see some new scrappy goodness!


Hi Moon! Happy that you're back! I already have this great e-book with full sentences. Just wanted to say I miss you!! I hope you find time soon to scrap and share again. :)


Hope to be lucky enough to win. I love your layouts most especially your heartfelt journaling. :-)


Just to warn you...the questions don't lessen as the kids get older. My 12 year old still as questions incessantly. Sometimes, I swear, just to annoy me.

kristy cox

i seriously love reading your posts. thanks for all the smiles and the giveaway too!

Christine Tan

Oh where have you been.... you are dearly missed! ;)

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