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March 01, 2011


Kristi K.

I think you are a great mom. Believe me, too many kids out there need more discipline in their lives, and your children will thank you for it later.


Hang in there Moon. We're all in the same place. There is no perfect mom out there and no perfect way to parent. All we can do is our best. I appreciate the imperfections you share with us, because then I know I'm not the only one.

sansku :)

i've been reading your blog for awhile now and i've never ever thought you're a cruel mom. this is your way to vent sometimes and there's nothing wrong with it. i also wonder if the person in question is totally humorless.

keep up the good work moon and don't worry - we know you're a great person and a great mom. nobody's perfect. anyone claiming to be so is out to lunch.

Jen Jockisch

You know what I love about you, and about reading your blog?
The fact that you're completely honest. I can so relate to most of the posts you write, and it always helps me to feel a little less alone in this parenting gig. It is not all sunshine and roses, and so many in the scrapbooking community only choose to highlight the good, which frequently makes me feel like a complete failure at everything. Your blog allows me to breathe a sigh of relief. Seriously. Please don't stop posting what you do because of one idiot.

Sarah Hofseth

I love your blog, and I love hearing about your challenging moments. As others have said, it makes the rest of us feel like we aren't going crazy, that other moms feel frustrated and annoyed sometimes, too! There will always be people out there who just have to look for faults in others, and not the good. Too bad he/she couldn't enjoy your hilarious sense of humor like the rest of us do...keep up the good work-both in parenting and blogging!


I agree with all the comments above. You are honest. You are a good mom. I think EVERY mom goes through these feelings and thoughts and emotions, but not all of us put it out there for others to read. I know I love reading your blog because of this - because, like one of the other comments said, it makes me realize I'm not the only one going through this and doing the same things as you!!! Keep up the good work...you are awesome! :)


I am not good with words but I wanted to chime in to agree with everything the others said above. I appreciate your honesty, your venting and your humor especially in our mushy, rosy and overall "overhappy" world of scrapbooking.

Lee Currie

Kudos to all of the comments above - and to you, Moon for NOT APOLOGISING FOR BEING WHO YOU ARE! You rock :)


What I love about your journaling is the honesty and the humor. When I look at scrapbooking magazines and read the journaling, I sometimes want to barf. I find it hard to believe that everyone has perfect children (all of the time). I love the fact that you tell it like it is--and that you do tell the "hard" stories too, not just the ones about when our children are angels (or when we pretend like they are). Keep up the good work!

Lori F

I thought this kind of ironic b/c I was going to write a comment on how much I enjoy how 'real' you are and how when raising lil' ones its not flowers & pixie dust all the time. I feel your posts are written in humorous venting and I never misconstrue what you write as cruel. Too bad some don't have a sense of humor & don't really see what your all about. Keep sharing... I love it!


We all have those moments, minutes, hours days...of frustration. I hear everything you are saying and totally relate.

Kristine Nordrik

I love the fact that your blog is REAL, not just writing about all the happy perfect things many bloggers write about which can make anybody feel worthless. This is how life is. Keep writing, I love your blog and I laugh alot when I read it :)

Renee Lewis

Oh, Moon. Whoever said such things should get off their high horse. You are a great mom. It is easy to judge someone until you walk a mile in that person's shoes. Shame on them.

Linda Trace

i agree with the comments above, there IS no 'perfection' in parenthood. ANyone who says there is, is either a liar, or NOT a parent.

I love LOVE your honesty, your humour, your wit, everything about you and your blog. I think your honesty has allowed me to feel less judgmental about myself as a parent.

You might be a stern parent, but has anyone ever turned out to be a psychopath from having stern parents? not that I know of. You love your kids and they know it, and you know it. (and so do we, or else, why the hell would you bother talking about them on here EVERY post?!)

I'm sick of all these people writing crappy, nasty comments on people's blogs. WHAT"S WITH THAT?!


(I'm sure as heck that you've taught your kids that Moon!)

blogs are supposed to be a safe place, a place for non-judgmental support and friendship.

To whoever you were that made the comment Moon is talking about: if you're not here to support Moon then stop reading her blog and more importantly STOP COMMENTING.

We all love you Moon, BECAUSE you're not perfect, BECAUSE you embrace the imperfection and the 'aww hell no' moments. Because you're you :)

Sarah Martina

Gonna just co-sign with Kristi on this one. :) Well said.

jung a

i'm sure you're an awesome mom. i'm pretty stern with my girl too; we have had to use the wooden spoon once or twice also, and i too feel horrible afterward...but i love my girl and she knows it. that's all that matters.
boo the haters! ;)

Annette in Norway

I've always been a fan of your work. I'm a mother of four and I can relate to your journaling.


Amen, we are all works in progress! There is no perfect mother, just as there are no perfect kids. I can tell from your journaling that even when your kids are driving you crazy, you still love them. And when they look back, that's what they will remember too. Thanks for being honest and real. I love how you have a sense of humor about the highs and lows of motherhood. I hope you never feel that you have to hide any of that, because that is real life!


It has all been said better than I could. You have a following, Moon, because we identify with you and the honesty of what you post. You dare to scrap the real stuff.

She can just blog-off.

(Great page, as always. I'm gonna scrap lift it right after I dig my table out from under the ponies and army guys that took it over for Spring break).


As a person who reads a lot of blogs on my reader and who doesn't have any human kiddos of my own, I LOVE your blog!!! You make me laugh every time, even this post. I think you are a great realistic mother and I love the fact you are strict instead of playing the game of letting your child make all their own choices. They are children and it is your job to teach them! Yippee for you!

Lynn Brown

I second what Jen said!


Moon, I'm just like you. I'm really happy to have my kids but I think I have some problems with their age. They don't listen to me and that irritates me...A LOT! I hope it will be easier when they grow up.
Thanks to you, I know that I'm not alone! it's good!
hugs !!!


As a teacher of 20 years, and a mom for the past 14, I can say I have seen many ways to define good parenting. Some people criticize others out of fear to validate the parenting they do. Here's my checklist: 1. child is fed - check, 2. child has moments of giggly happiness - check, 3. child challenges limits with parents to see if they care enough to create boundaries - check, 4. child has clothing that occasionally sees a washing machine - check, 5. parent takes partnering with teachers/caregivers seriously - check. Even among my circle of my dearest friends, we are all different kinds of mothers... THANK GOD! I can't try to be something I am not, and I won't apologize when someone judges me. Walk two moons (no pun intended) in our shoes...

Cheryl Overton

We all just do the best we can, Moon :) Your journaling is perfect on this page - and I can SO relate. I am a stern/strict mom too - and I know that some of my friends think I'm mean. But you know, my kids get complimented often on how well behaved they are and what nice human beings they are...and that's my end goal as a parent.


I just wanted to say, I have never read your blog before I arrived here via write.click.scrap.But this post seemed the most appropriate one to comment on, even though I have spent a lot of time cruising through alot more of your posts (especially love Turds !) I am definitely feeling like a kindred spirit when I read the "parenting" posts My boy's 9yrs and 12yrs favourite word for me is "Harsh" and I know that sounds uncomplimentary but it isn't and I know that I am not mean when I am constantly being complimented on my kids behaviour, character and deeds.
SO as they say, heres to keeping it real !

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