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February 15, 2011


alexandra s.m.

Oh He's getting to be so big! and still quite the charmer ;-)0
Lovely page!

Lonely Scrapbooker

Wonderful photos. Great journaling. Awesome page. You crack me up ;-)

sansku :)

antoher great one moon!
i think boys are easier as teenagers but girls are easier when little. of course all depends on the child's personality. i'm sure it's a challenge to take care of an active boy. i love your honesty about it.
hang in there.
and yes, he's very cute! :)


Just plain awesome.

Annette in Norway

Great journaling as always. I have three boys and one girl and I can really relate to your journaling.


Friends and family often tell me how cute my kids are when we're not here...
I can relate...

Cheryl Overton

haaa! i love this - especially the journaling. when lucas was little people would ooh and awe over his cuteness. i would tell them that the cuteness wore off real quick and they were welcome to borrow him if they didn't believe me ;)


I LOVE IT!! ....Yes, there are still days when I want to drop kick you across the house....Bwaahaaha!! I will have you know I have a Charlie that is 20 mo. old and quite honestly named after your Charlie because he's so cute;) (He's actually Charles because that's my dad's name, but that's an old man name and I'd never actually call my cute kid that. But I never would have even considered naming him that if I didn't already like the nickname Charlie from yours;) ) Anyway, he is QUITE THE BOY I tell you! VERY loud, digs constantly, runs, talks all day, has babbled on and on for months and frankly just does not stop. So I'm thinkin I totally get where your're comin from;) He's our 4th child and our 1st was a boy and let me just say he is total opposite personality so I dreamed of another sweet, quiet, adorable, loving natured boy esp after my two drama queens. HA! I just got a drama king instead I think! Keep the laughs coming, you are too real and too awesome!

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