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January 28, 2011


Sarah Martina

Ahh yes... the wooden spoon. *sigh* Why do our boys torment us so?...

Julianne McKenna-De Lumen

Moon, take a deep breath. He's a boy (they just don't operate the same as girls!!!). (-: It's ok. You will both be fine. Thanks for making me feel like a normal mother too. LOL! As for all the crap - if you ever get rid off it, please let me know your secret - I have the same problem!


timmy's kindergarten teacher spotted a cool wooden spoon at kohl's - she bought an extra for me. thought it would make a good "spankin' spoon." :)

i didn't know that about the iron - off to check timmy's vitamins.

Linda Trace

Ok first of all, You're awesome. You know it (even if you forget sometimes), we know it and Charlie knows it...and if he forgets, tell him to get on mama's blog and read the comments...oh, he can't read yet he says? Then he's just gonna have to believe you :) win win.

Secondly, I threatened to take my daughters toys (ALL of the special ones that sit on her bed) and put them in the bin...and I actually had to do it because she didn't give in. She still cries at the drop of a hat if she's naughty (and I get my angry face on) and she whimpers "don't throw my toys in the bin!!" (we brought them back in from outside-next to the bin--about 20 minutes after we took them out but you'd never know that to hear her. So, I'm a worse mama than you

and thirdly, All Charlie is gonna remember when he's bigger (or frankly, in 2 weeks) is that you feed him, play wtih him, kick him in the pants when he needs it and that (yes, refer to #1) you're awesome :)



It must be so hard to punish that cute, little face! :-D Tee hee. Sorry. :-p

But yes. You're awesome. :-)


I know I am a stranger to you, follow you b/c your photography is awesome...i learn from you.

We all have that one (or two.+.) "eruption" of feelings:
the intense feeling of "OH LORD!!" with the scare,
then the intense "THANK GOD, U R FINE/ALIVE!"
to the make them understand "DON'T DO THIS EVER AGAIN!!"...

I had the same reaction (minus wooden spoon, insert plastic spatula) when I turned around for 2 seconds at the Target and my daughter had vanished. She was that quick - 3 isles over sitting on a shelf like nothing was wrong - and didn't hear me yelling her name for the following 5 mins. She was on the utensil isle hence spatula spank on her bottom. And the crazy cry/hug...

kids!! gotta love 'em!!


Moon, just as I had a mommy breakdown (involving some crying!), I read your words and everything was fine again...well, almost everything. My 2 years old stayed the same.... I wanted to let you know I nominated you on my blog. So if you have time(!), come by to see: http://mpcapistran.blogspot.com/2011/02/8-things-about-propos-de-moi.html


Oh Moon... I have 2 boys. 'Nuff said. ;p
As for the 'crap', I feel your pain, we're soul sistahs in that respect. I clean, and clean, and clean, ad nauseum, and there are still piles of crap all over.ALL OVER. It is never, ever, ever clutter free. We're now looking for a bigger house. Then we'll have room for more crap. LOL ( seriously, our house is teeny tiny, and we outgrew it the minute we had children 13 years ago. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom- need I say more? ;p

sasha farina

Re : clutter - we have the same problem. and seeing that i live in a 'birdsnest' ... can u imagine the horror? houses in Singapore are SO SMALL!!


You had a deal??? He is 3 years old.
If I was your little you and would read all your mean comments about myself later on...
It sounds like you should not have had a third child- espescially a boy.
It sounds so cruel what you write about your sweet son that god gave you to take good care of.

Renee Lewis

It is called a "sense of humor", Anna- whoever you are. You should get one.


Ah clutter with boys in the house... after years of repeating it, it's finally sinking into my 11 year old son that it's better to live in organized spaces than to live in clutter. his clutter. there's something in boys' brains that just doesn't register about putting stuff in their rightful "homes" ... as in every thing has its "home" in our home. i call that respect also. respect for others who are living in the same environment. respect for oneself about the things that belongs to oneself. it's sinking, one day at a time. what did I go to make that happen ? quietly took the things that were not put back in their proper "homes" and hid them. said boy couldn't find them. i asked him, did you put them place in its "home" ? No, he said. 'nuff said. after several times like that, it started to sink in that if he wanted to find his stuff, it was better to put it back every time in its proper home. does that mean that he'll do it all the time ? nooooooooooooooo ... but it's sinking in every single day.

as for clutter ... well i've come to the conclusion years ago that one has to live with our absolute necessities and just a little bit more. all of the rest is clutter. way not enough time to use all that extra stuff that we think that we need and-or that we love but that sits there unloved for lack of time. so much better to live in simplicity and leave the extra stuff in the stores or elsewhere. materialism is just not good for our mental health and piece of mind. 'nuff said.

now, what did oprah say about iron being in vitamin pills ? i haven't heard of that ... i'd love it if you can answer that ... thanks and god bless.

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