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December 10, 2010



Hey Moon!
Congrats on your first time in ST!
Your layout is amazing as always :)
I submited a lot for ST but I wasn't lucky with them, love their mag and even more if there is a Moon's layout in it!

Mary Jo

Congrats on your first pub with ST :0)
Love your sense of humor in your layouts!


Oh wow congratulations! Your Layout is so funny :)


I've never read this before--put my name in the hat : ) Anything with a Moon layout in it is already awesome!

lynda p

i love this mag....just can't afford it. it would be sweet to win, especially since that is my hubby's bday...the gift will be for me lol


congrats~ :) ... this LO is sooooo cute~ :)


love anything that gives me extra inspiration!
congrats on the layout very exciting :D


Congratulations! I always love the humor in your layouts!


Love your layout!

Thanks, Sarah (sarit.gabay1@gmail.com)


Thanks for the opportunity to win. Love the publication, but it's a real splurge... I usually drool over them at Michael's. I LOVE your layouts! I have lifted one or two of them... Keep 'em coming!!

Jessica D.

Congrats on the publicaton! Thanks for the giveaway!

Cynthia B.

Congrats on your first (and I'm sure not last!) time in Scrapbook Trends! Great layout - love his facial expressions! :)


Wow, your first really!? They are crazy to have not used your work before ;) Love the layout, and congrats on the PUB!!!


First of all, congrats on your publication!!! Secondly, your layout is hilarious!!!! Lastly, I love ST but rarely buy it because of its price... so of course, I would love to win a copy! Thanks for the chance!


Congrats on your publication Moon ! I didn't submit anything since Simple scrapbooks'end. Hum, I didn't scrap either since september !

Your work is really inspiring.

jung a

congrats on your pub! i have been loving the photos in the snow (on fb and your blog header). your editing/skin tones are great. any tips? do you use actions? miss photo tip wednesdays!

Janette Childs

I don't subscribe to Scrapbook Trends, but would love the chance to check it out!


Cute layout! Thanks for the chance to win!

Susan C.

Congratulations on being pubbed! :)


Your the bomb!


congrats on your publication! i love reading your blog because its so honest and funny at the same time!


Congrats on the layout!

Suzy Reap

Very cute LO - bet it's looks even better in print. :)


congrats on your pub. i am another who loves your humour. your work rocks.


I love your layout... your sense of humour is delightful. :)
As for ST, I've never had any luck with them. I've given up hope of ever getting anything in that magazine. lol

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