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September 03, 2010


sansku :)

i love facebook too. great way to keep in contact with my family & friends overseas.
wow, three boys. explains the #2 for sure. :)
our trees are turning yellow. nights are cool, easy to sleep. today was +25C still. i love fall too! did i mention the bugs are dying!!!! :D


oh, please don't go. I love to read your entries--always a highlight : )


love this clean layout !

Julianne McKenna-De Lumen

Moon, don't you dare stop blogging! Me (and a lot of your other readers and followers) would be devastated. The thought of you not blogging is nearly enough to make me cry. )-: Promise you won't stop, please???


The layout came out really nice . I cant wait until fall comes,too.


Love your layout... in fact, I loved everything you did for AC while you were on their DT. And yes, I do know what you mean about not really having anything to blog about. I have lots on my mind these days, but none of it would be of particular interest to anyone else, so I just keep it to myself. lol


I will always love your layouts! You can post them here. Even if you post nothing else, there still will be something great to read! :)


Love your blog, always, and I will read anything you have to say. About anything.

Hope that you have time to start up your photography series again. And if you do, could you please tell me what I am doing wrong when my outdoor photos are overexposed?


Don't you dare quit your blog.


I've gone thru something sim. with my blog this summer. But I suggest you keep this thing going because...um...for my entertainment. Or for a refernece of Moon's groovey inspiration.

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