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August 16, 2010


Amy K

LOL!! I can relate, as my bday is right around the corner, and my youngest is 7.
Happy Birthday Moon!

Julianne McKenna-De Lumen

Nobody, but nobody, can make me laugh like you do. Please, don't ever stop blogging because the world would be just too boring without you! Happy Birthday Moon (I turn 40 in 3 months and I am so NOT HAPPY about it!!!).

Lonely Scrapbooker

I turn 39 in 3 months... I'm thinking about my annual b'day LO already... your take on it is hilarious!


Happy birthday, Moon. No fan of birthdays myself, but really glad that you are here for me to read.


Happy Birthday Moon
Finally someone keeping it real!
The pictures came out really nice

Cynthia B.

Happy birthday, Moon! I hear ya on the birthdays. I think turning 40 was better than 39 - people treat you even better because it's a big milestone. So something to look forward to, right? ;)
Thanks for helping me start off my day with a smile.

tara pakosta

Happy Birthday!!
I know I know, I am turning 40 this October and NOT looking forward to it! grey hair, crow's feet (around my eyes) fat rolls that keep getting bigger, sore aching body, what's to love?!
hAAA! I am glad you had a great day and just celebrate YOU, not your age! xoxox

Tracie Claiborne

I feel ya!! I kept a 2 year old recently and when her Mom picked her up - I was giddy with joy that I own a 10 year old!!!! She's so self-sufficient. :)


hi Moon,
38 in december and if you ask how old I am, I want to answer : "32" ...my age the year before I gave birth to my eldest. Can't remember what I did during these years !

I'm with you !!


Good morning,
I stopped back by to give the blog of substance
award on my blog. I really appreciate the humor and honesty .

Linda Trace

I agree with Julianne--noone is as funny as you. i don't think anywhere, or ever.

lol lol lol lol...what more is there to say?! except..."happy birthday--hope you had a nice day *cheeky wink* lulz xoxox

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