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August 13, 2010



Hey Moon - Great new post and as ever, love how it isn't overdone. Gotta try white on white....
Enjoy the weekend!

Linda Barber

LOL! Yanni! That's good.


Ilove the simplicty of it and yeah gotta try the white on white


i don't see a typo. love the layout. as usual. love charlie's expression! what a smart little guy!

tara pakosta

I just caught up on your blog after having lost my "bookmarks" for a long time! your children are gorgeous and the girls are getting SO BIG!!!!!!!!
My AVa is 9 now and going into 4th grade, SAvannah is 10.5 and going into 5th grade. WE are homeschooling this year!!!
good to catch up with your family!


Awesome page, I love it. ;)

sansku :)

another fun one!

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