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July 31, 2010


Cynthia B.

For the record, I think ALL your kids are photogenic. :)
And your blog header? Hilarious!! Especially of Katie.

Lee Currie

Your kids are gorgeous and spirited and lovely. That Charlie, what a handful! My youngest is much the same. I read about him and smile as I know exactly what you're going through! I'm envious of your school starting so early. I'm going to miss my kids, but they NEED SOMETHING TO DO and they miss all of their friends. We're not quite half way through our break. (Can you tell I haven't spoken to an adult all day ... look at this comment!) Have a great weekend!


Gorgeous children. You're very lucky. And I think you know that. :)


Beautiful pictures of beautiful kids. *sigh* Still working on getting good pics of my little farts...

elizabeth c.

really lovely photographs! i would would really love it if you would be willing to share how you go about photographing your kids...mine are super resistant to having their pictures taken (they go so far as to turn their face towards the camera, but look with their eyes everywhere but at the camera)...


i usually have to bribe the oldest with either sweets or the promise of sleepovers. with my middle, she usually does exactly what i ask and with the two year old, i have to use reverse psychology (don't you look at the camera, charlie). that usually cracks him up. if there's something you know your kids really like to do or have, use that to bribe them. i know i'm not the only one who has to stoop to the level of bribery but if it means good pictures, it's usually worth it.

Monika Wright

Please Stop. Okay? I am still laughing that there is a Mom out there just like me that has to wipe the bobo {German slang for bottom} of their kiddo, except that mine is 4. FOUR! And I do it knowing that if I don't she might not either. Nothing like being called into the bathroom for wipe duty!


I think your children ard adorable - but I just lOVE the closeup photo of your middle daughter's face!


Wow! Your kids are REALLY lucky to have a Mom with such photographic skills! And your second child is totally photogenic!!! Although the firs one has such beautiful eyes and Charlie totally cracks me up! Putting aside the wiping part, that is... ;-)

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