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July 05, 2010


Nicole S

Moon, my life sounds exactly the same - gymnastics lessons for 3 kids, many ballet lessons, music lessons, soccer training and games..It really will NEVER END! And mine are a couple years older than yours (6,8,10) and let me tell you it gets worse the older they get. My question o you how the heck are you gonna do write.click.scrap for a whole week?? I would get panic attacks at the thought!


as always a perspective on parenting I can relate to.


It feels sooooo good to read from you again Moon!! I missed you, and your blog! And if you had forget about it, I didn't!! ;) And just to say...I think a sparkler is dangerous in any boys hand. Even if they are old enough to drive!! ;) Think about it.

Lee Currie

Glad you're back! You've been greatly missed :) I'm with you with the sparklers, I bought some for mine this year and I was still nervous and they're all over 10. The only reason I look forward to September is that my schedule slows down, my four home all summer is mama this and mama that and I'm here there and everywhere. I really don't know how I managed when they were all home all the time. Good for you!


I'm off to check it out!


When James was that age, he learned the hard way which end of the sparkler is safe to touch. And that, yes, the no-touch end stays hot for a while after the sparkling action stops. :(

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