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May 25, 2010


Monika Wright

I so remember that cartoon. Gary Larson was always a favorite.I have laughed out loud quite a few times at myself when I have pushed rather than pulled! My son was in a Gifted and Talented program within his school, they don't have a separate school for the students where we live. But, I would recommend that your daughter participate. It's such a shame that gifted students are given less attention and motivation in classes because teachers must spend the extra time to help students so they will not be left behind. Coming from a military background, I went to many different schools and I think I turned out okay. (I think?) She will overcome and hopefully be thankful that you made the decision. I agree, decisions, decisions. Good luck on the process.

sansku :)

i love far side cartoons too.

what a tough decision. such great news though. it's weird to think that our kids could become anything in the future. presidents, ceo's, doctors, teachers.......

Anna L. (Bains)

that's a tough one. Is school okay for Maddie? Does she ever feel bored, like she's being held back? My son went to a gifted program and it was really good in terms of keeping him challenged and it was great for him to be with other kids who had the spark and were engaged. But he was (is) kind of a loner so there wasn't the issue of him leaving behind a lot of friends.


thanks monika! i agree with you and that's a huge proponent on her attending.
and yes, maddie has pushed rather than pulled on many occassions. never gets old-always funny.


she's currently thinking about dermatology.


she is bored. i know the teachers try their best but the range they have to teach is next to impossible for just one person. if they had aids in the classrooms, that would be helpful but due to budget cuts they don't get any at our school.
thanks for your advice and input. glad your son had a positive experience with the program.

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