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April 16, 2010


Renee L

Those school pics are hilarious, Moon. Poor Katie! She is probably not happy because she is having to prop herself on a huge, tacky set of numbers.

Lonely Scrapbooker

Well I shouldn't complain because I was pleasantly surprised by the school photos my little one brought home (I have to bribe her with pink Starburst to get her to smile for me or even look in the camera). But the Stomping Ground concept/deal is awesome! They should franchise it out. I would open one in Jamaica!


Marie pointed them out to me originally--I really do want to know what they'd say about the franchising idea. I'm pretty sure we could find enough people to get some serious coverage in the U.S. and give Lifetouch a run for their money! I would totally consider it as a franchise opportunity, too : )


Moon, Katie does look sad!! Love your "school" pictures so much more :)


look on the bright side, moonster: those school photos might be great candidates for awkwardfamilyphotos.com! :)

i'm starting a savings account right now so i can be one of your investors! here's my sad story (really, i am choking up a little just thinking about it): fall preschool pictures did not include a group/class photo b/c the photog didn't want to take the time. no big whoop; there's always spring photos. well, they happened on one of timmy's off-days. we had to sit in the lobby waiting for the photogs to call us. and THEY FORGOT! we got the indiv but timmy wasnot in the group pic. the only reason i didn't cry right then was b/c there were witnesses. (i always think it's so sad to see "not pictures are...") (sniff)


i feel your pain. It is even worse here in Ireland. They only take a photo on the first year. (Cheesy background: tick!) My DD's been 4 years in school and only got one photo taken. And not a single group photo.

jung a

that's too funny!!!


When did the schools stop doing plain, boring head shots? Gracie was posing on a park bench with fall leaves, praying hands on side of her face. It was so bad. I didn't order them. I scanned them into my computer and gave them back. The lay out is awesome. Who knew 1976 was so hip and cool? You were rockin' some high collared something in your picture


I've just discovered your blog and it's been great entertainment. I especially love a couple of your layouts about your youngest son - the journaling is priceless. I hope you don't mind if I scraplift? Keep up the good work.


I love your pictures, Moon... and yes, school pictures are sucky at best and horrid on the bad years. Even the "good" ones that have come home over the years have too much flash and/or have been printed with wonky white balance, thereby giving my kid a greenish tinge to his complexion. What the heck?!

I'd love to see something like Stomping Ground in our area too! :)

Patti M

Hi Moon! I had a tennis friend named Moon. I found you via Write. Click Scrapbook. oohing over your scrap space. It inspires me to clear the my girls out (10.5 and 9) as they keep spilling over onto my worktop (even though they have their own) and get to work. Love your humor. I'm with you! Sometimes I feel guilty, secretly. Two yrs ago, my oldes had one of those horrible school shots. I've been putting off including it in her school album. Would she really want me to when she's a grown up???
I'll keep checking back. Take care!


I like your pictures better than the school
shots I am totally with you on the franchise idea!

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