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February 26, 2010


Jennifer Lee

Moon I love this !I wish I could be as creative as you. and He is such a cutie!

Missy Mix

Love it Moon! Can't believe how big Charlie is getting!
Have a great weekend!!

(Versailles, KY, USA ;-)

sansku :)

i have the exact same scentsy warmer & scent bars! love it!

love your new layout too. wow, sewing... i'm impressed. :)

jung a

great giveaway...since i'm pregnant, my smelling has been highly sensitive, but i love for our house to smell yum anyway! also, loved your layout "love him everyday," and the journaling...that's how i've been feeling about my daughter lately.


I look forward to seeing your layouts every week. Thanks for the chance to win.

Gwen Lafleur

I love this layout! I always look forward to Fridays so I can see what you post. Your journaling always makes me laugh :) (Oh, and I'm in the US).


Hi Moon,

I keep coming back here not just for your posts (which make me laugh), but because without you I do not know what to do with my scrap stuff. The cutout for the C and the strategic use of paper makes the page for me. Can't wait to try it.

Your fan from Quebec.

Dani Johnson

Love the layout! You are so crafty. I love the way you incorporate humor in your layouts, it makes it so much fun.


Thank you for telling it how it is with motherhood! Its so nice to read someone's else trials and say 'oh its not just me then'! Your boy is gorgeous, your scrapping fantastic, and your blog is a joy to read. And your photos are stunning. I'm sooo jealous!
I'm a UK reader by the way.


Hi Moon!
Marie in Switzerland here. :)
Great layout once again! Charlie is so gorgeous!! :) I loved your appearance on Audrey's blog and your story about your english teacher. I felt the same way about mine... Especially when she told everyone in the classroom they should take me as an example and redo all of their papers (like I did) to get a better grade. How good did I feel!! Not! So, I'll be on my way to sunny and warm Orlando soon; can't wait to meet you again! ;) kisses


I so love your layouts, especially the charlie ones!

I'm in australia, really hoping today doesn't top 100 again!


aww, love that charlie. those scentsies must come in handy to mask those boy potty training mishaps, too! :)


Gorgeous pics, so crisp and the layout is lovely, as always! Cheers from Moncton,NB, Canada


Sounds good! I'm here in the good ol US of A but could I have the scrap goodies instead;) jk I love good smelly things! And your Charlie layouts are the best. I had my very own Charlie this October. We love him to pieces!!!

ashley a

love seeing your work, so inspirational! Would love to expand the scentsy collection!!

Ashley USA


I check your site every week to see what layout you do. you always make me smile, your journaling is so honest and cracks me up. TKS!


I love your LO about Charlie... he's such a cutie! :)
And the scent warmer thing looks cool too. As a former PL candle addict (in my pre-scrapping days), I still get a warm, fuzzy feeling when I see stuff like this. lol

Your Canadian friend,
Barb :)


Love your page and am about to bookmark your blog :) What a fun giveaway! Thank you for the chance! Nathalie in California


Hi Moon, once again another great lay out. I always enjoy looking at your scrap booking and photos. I live in the USA. :) Take care, LaDonna

Emily Yee

Hi Moon! I recently came across your blog (linked from various places including TwoPeas and WriteClickScrapbook) and love all your pages!! I am currently living in Ecuador as a Peace Corps volunteer and was in desperate need of some inspiration since I only brought a small amount of supplies with me (just some adhesive, cardstock, patterned paper and letters) and can't wander through a scrapbook store to get some scrapping energy (or at a minimum, fun embellies!). Thanks for the regular posts- gives me something to do when I have extra time on my hands! =D

Heather Garl

Cute layout...machine sewing can become very addicting {consider yourself warned, lol}. The scents sound wonderful, thanks for the chance to win.


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