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January 29, 2010



you never fail to give me a Friday giggle, Moon. I just finished my first official sewing project (it mostly required sewing in a straight line) and I was inordinately proud of it. I like the monster doll : )


Funny, reminded me how much I hate sewing. I don't think I've touched the machine since my dad dragged me home from school one night, as we were allowed to stay late to finish a home-ec apron. He found me crying over the dreaded machine, thank heavens for mothers that sew! Love your layout, cheers.

sansku :)

seamstress/stress. :D i agree. :D

fun posting as usual!


You're so funny..
Always look forward to reading your blog!


You crack me up.

Lonely Scrapbooker

Love the layout! And the concept behind it. But then again... you're cool like that (don't know why but your post inspired me to write that)


But you've already done some sewing on a layout, haven't you?! And it looked very well! I find a pillow and a doll (!) quite an achievement!!! As well as your layout! Love those sketches, too.


Oh i adore this layout.(and all your works).

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