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December 03, 2009


laurie eller



that looks fabulous! I can't wait to see how you set it up.

Diane Herman

way too cool...
i would love to scrap with you Moon...just a small issue of distance, plane flights and passports :)
hope you have a ton of fun up there!!


Book me a ticket and I'll be there by the weekend. ;p
Looks fab Moon!


awesome space! i LOVE that green color, and the compression from the angled ceilings.

young c

Sure, I'll come over to craft with you! So cool! Love the green color as well.

Lonely Scrapbooker

Please share when it's all set up! It looks wonderful so far.

sansku :)

oh to have an attic room like that! i'll come! :) (when oh when do they come up with the "beam me to..." star trek technology?!)

Katie Scott

cute & can't wait to see what you get at Ikea!!

Tina Cockburn

Be right there!

Linda Barber

OK. I'll be right over. I'll bring coffee and cupcakes too. ;) That is one spectacular space. You go you! Can't wait to see what else goes in there.


It's looking AMAZING!! I just re-painted and put up new lighting in my new scrap room. (We just bought a house...) So fun! I can't WAIT until it's completed. I'm sure you feel the same! LOL. And yeah, I'll scrap with ya. And you can come scrap in my new room too. :-)


make sure you post pictures so i can see.

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