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October 02, 2009



ooh, that boy. Hmph.

I love the page, though! So much personality in all those shots... will have to try that.


Way to go daddy!! :) I love this answer! :)
And I love your layout too!! Well, as always....
I like the stitching and the little flower over the chipboard letters.


Awesome layout :) Your husband's comment had me giggling to myself.

laurie eller

YAY for Daddy!!! They are SO good at come-backs. :)

Love the layout. :)

Anna L.

gee, I don't know - maybe she SHOULD listen to daddy!


I think Richard's answer is PERFECT. ;p Poor Maddie! That can be traumatizing for a young girl.
And I LOVE this layout- it's gorgeous. :)

Erin Sweeney

I love your stitched title - wow!


Oh my, your husband sounds like a REAL character! I love it. :P
And poor Maddie... I hope that bite clears up soon.
Your LO... it's fabulous. I love the title work. You are soooooo very clever. How many times have I written that on your blog? Sorry, but it must be true because that's the word that pops into my head EVERY time. :)

sansku :)

ouch, ouch, ouch. your poor daughter. i hope the worst is over and she'll be well again.

i thought that was so funny what your husband said! ok, it's not the most christian kind of respond but i'd be tempted to do exactly that! :) but i guess maybe being overly kind to that little boy would be a nicer thing to do. maybe it's his way of showing he's not happy about something in his life. ?? who knows. kindness is knows to work miracles though. but i still think your husband's advice is very funny. :D

awesome layout as usual!

Sarah Martina

OMgosh! Poor little M! If anyone says the word "lance" in my presence while at the doctor's office... I'm booking it straight for the door! Lol... what a trooper she was!

Sorry Moon! I probably would've said what Daddy said... LOL. Hmmm... maybe I should work more on that. But that little boy had it coming... ugh. I hope Madeline is healing up well! Poor girl.

Sarah Martina

Forgot to mention how AMAZING yourlayout is! Can you squeeze some of your talent into a little vile and mail it to me? :-) It won't go to waste, I promise! Lol...


How do you do this? So little supplies, such a great layout!! I love it! And gotta get me one of those circle punches... Your girl is very cute and brave!


i haven't even looked at the lo yet b/c that boy just upset me so much. i'm glad maddie's taking it in stride, and i hope you gave some "add-on" words of wisdom. richard . . . but moon, be grateful he's not tim. tim would have tracked that kid down and opened a can. great guy, but a little protective of the kids.


ok, just looked at the layout. and i have a thought. maybe your mom was referring to when *you* were eight? just sayin' . . . :D

Jennifer B.

LOL my hubby would've probably said the same thing. hope her days get better... love the layout!

jung a

hi! this is my first time reading your blog, and i've always admired your scrapbook pages.
hilarious husband by the way!
i'm gonna take a wild guess and say you're korean? i know a few moons and my middle name is sun...nope i'm not hippie either, just asian. :)

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