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August 20, 2009


Lonely Scrapbooker

I love your new blog header. Gorgeous. Have you ever thought of sharing photo tips?
Like the layouts too, btw!

Sarah Martina

Hi Moon!

We had this issue with my little girl when she was in Pre-K. It's such a tender situation. We mainly tried to pump her head up about how extremely exciting it was for her to be going to school every morning (when we woke up, during breakfast, in the car, just have fun with it, she'll think you're weird, but will wonder if maybe you're telling the truth & give it a shot.)

We also motivated her with treats and surprises after school provided she had a good day and was a big girl. Her teachers were EXTREMELY caring and helpful with the transition.

Hope this helps! I'm no Dr. Phil... :-D

Of course I love your page. I'm all about anything with grey!


Love both of your LOs! But this isn't new. I'll love whatever you'll produce! Can't give tips, not yet. My kids are to small... :(


Hi Moon,

I always love your layouts, and absolutely laughed at the open and close one!

My daughter had the same problem in kindergarten. I would say getting her to bed earlier really helped a lot, and though it seems strange, getting her up earlier and giving her LOTS of time to get ready in the morning helped too. After several weeks of crying in the morning, she told me (when she was in a calm mood) that she didn't like it when I would try to hurry her along in the morning. I still do have to gently remind her to get going, but I try to keep it to a minimum, and I usually do it with a sense of humor, like getting her stuffed bear to hold her hand and lead her to the bathroom. Hope things get better!


love the open and close layout. michael's doing this too. i think they feel so powerful they can move such a huge object! give charlie lots of little things to open (screw-top lids, etc.). timmy's preschool teacher says boys need more fine-motor practice b/f they'll start writing.

i have no tips for poor katie except more sleep (you've got that covered) and maybe organizing/setting stuff out the evening b/f? is someone in the class picking on her? is she getting hungry? thirsty? can she see? driving in the car was when my kids were more likely to tell me important stuff like that, just in case anything's actually bothering her and this is not just a simple stage.

sansku :)

i'd ask the teacher if something has happened. maybe someone has been mean to her or something? it's hard to tell at times what's up with our little ones.


don't know if the situation has already solved itself (hope it has) but just in case, here is my two cents worth.

My son, who is a very sensitive little person, had a similar problem not wanting to go to grade 1, and in turned out that I had stressed him out being too peppy and happy about how great grade one was. He really didn't want to hear it and he felt too much pressure to do things like learn to read (as in learn to read everything the first week). I teach, and this kind of anxiety is common, so I should have known better, but I was so happy to have him in the same school I got carried away. I had to reassure him and them shut up.

Another theory - from my experience as a teacher this time: If your older daughter really loved this teacher, and the teacher was fond of her, your daughter might be worried the teacher won't love her as much and that she won't measure up. KWIM? I find it is really important when I have younger siblings come into my class to emphasize that as much as I will miss the outgoing kids, they need to move on and learn new things from new people, and I am happy to get to know the new kids and learn to love them. I had a student tell me one the first day last year she was worried I wouldn't like her as much as I liked her brother (and I did feel a great fondness for her brother, but she is such a sweetheart, too).

It can be a complex situation that most people ignore, especially since just because one kids likes me doesn't mean the whole family will. Different kids click with different teachers. One thing I would say is that if the teacher knows she can help smooth this out, and if you haven't spoken to her about it I would.

Hope it all works itself out soon.

Diane Herman

Love the colours in these layouts!
And have the same problem with my Kinder kid...I will not give in but neither will she. It's going to be last girl standing here I think...and Mummy ALWAYS wins!!!

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