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June 12, 2009


s a n s k u :)

Awesome layout!! So funny. I love truthful. Once again you win the Best Journaler (is that a word?) Award.

Rebecca from Switzerland

me too, I'm that kind of mother ;) your pages are always so funny and picturing real life. Thanks for being toooo inspiring


I love your journalings so much :o)) TFS!


You write what I think and the way I talk. I luv it! Maybe someday I'll write that way too. Your layouts always bring a smile.

tara pakosta

you are funnY>!
and just remember, "nobody's perfect" as hannah montana says LOL!
my girls don't dare say they are bored LOL! I have about 100 workbooks on the counter that I can set in front of them the minute they claim boredom. THey do have to do schoolwork for one hour every day of vacation to learn new skills and keep up with the old ones....also 1-3 hours of reading, but they love that part!!!
enjoy your summer! we are signed up for swim every morning at 9, but my girls are just learning how to swim! going into 4th and 3rd grade this august!


This is perfect, Moon. Love the journaling. I'm one of those nonperfect mothers, too... glad to see more of my kind out there!


why do i even bother saying "i love it!" in comment to your layouts? i feel like i say the same thing every time - love the design and LOVE the journaling. but, moon, i mean it! i am sincere every time. love. it!


This cracked me up, especailly the bit about farting and blaming on the baby, that's why we have kids isn't it???

Linda Barber

ROFLOL! This is good. Seriously good. And I love it. Because it's all true about all moms, isn't it? You are just more honest than the rest of us! XOXO!


I am a regular visitor to your blog, I've never made a comment, I love your work so much, but this just made me smile and laugh, I loved all of it, nice to see some honesty.


I love this LO... I could have written much of that journalling myself. Well, except that I don't have a baby to blame farts on. rofl

Good for you for volunteering. I can only imagine how much juggling of schedules it took for you, so it's a HUGE accomplishment. Yay you! :)

write click scrapbook editorial team

That journaling - I could have written it. What a great layout!

Sarah Martina

Oh my goodness I'm crying laughing...
The only ones that I'll claim in public to have in common with you are the vaccuuming one, and the morning one... the rest... lips zipped! lol! This is awesome. :-)

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