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April 17, 2009


Mary Jo

I usually look here for your layouts :0) Love them!

But I just had to post because I get it!
(And so many mamas struggling right now it seems. And I think it's great that we can be a support to each other!)
My son is in first grade and we struggled with this very thing yesterday! Writing spelling word sentences.
And sometimes I have to just walk away so I don't completely lose it.
But being a parent is a tough job. And there is a lot of guilt involved it seems because we just want the best for them. But at the same time, we have our limits :0)
I think what's important is just what you did. Being able to apologize (if needed) and doing something to make yourself feel better :0)
I always tell myself, I don't have to be a perfect mom. Cause it's never going to happen. But I just need to keep trying the best I can and learn from the "mistakes".
We're only human, right? :0)

susan weinroth

your layouts are always so SO gorgeous, i LOVE looking at them!!! :)

and can i tell you that the part of your post about charlie being like a racoon - totally had me LOL... :) evan too is so insanely OBSESSED with the trash and recycling bins - its disgusting! a racoon is a PERFECT comparison ;)

anyways - hope today is better!!! :) and if not, that there is more dairy queen involved!!


I hear you, sister. Sometimes Matt and I look around and wonder how things got so far out of control once that 3rd child (who has learned many-a-trick this month as she prepares for her 2nd birthday next month) appeared on the scene.

Mary Jo has been a voice of calm for me many a time--so glad to see she commented here : )


hey - that happens to ALL of us. i can still remember times hubby got how late on those nights i *really* needed him. but it sounds like DW did the trick & all is good again ;)

enjoy the weekend, and i LOVE those layouts (always do).


These are great. Are they 8.5 x 11? I should be able to tell, but I can't (my spatial eye is not working so well today, it seems.)

I haven't gotten my last SS yet (takes a little longer to get to me) but when I think that it means that I won't see layouts from my favourite "regulars" like you... well, I trust you'll keep active with your blog, I hope (?)


oh, moon, i'm with ya, sister. when i called tim to vent today, he said, "what do you expect me to do about it?" instant fury!

here's some hope, though (i hope!): even though i sometimes can't get to sleep at night b/c i'm remember all the times i lost my temper with andrew and tori...they do not remember any of it!

you know what's weird? i almost called you yesterday. i should have, i guess.

also, living with a raccoon? i almost spit my coke on my screen!


So so so been there. Good mommies aren't perfect. The kids will forgive, and honestly, they need to know we're human, too.
She knows how much you love her. And she knows she was pushing her luck. Sometimes I think kids drag out these kinds of tasks to get more of our attention, our focus. As a teacher and a mom, my guess would be that she could come up with a thousand 'had' sentences, without your help, right?
Be gentle with yourself.

Love your layouts - I aspire to make such beautiful pages and your photos... Thank you for puttting this all out there for us.


TODAY will be better. :)


Oh Moon, we all have those days. And those mother who claim they don't have days like that... well, they're either lying or seriously in denial.

Hey, I hope life returns to a saner place next week. (((hugs)))

tara pollard pakosta

of course it's punishing her when you won't let her finish because:
1. she can't torment you anymore.
2. she will look bad if she doesn't bring her homework bac.
3. it makes her want to do it when you say NO!

great punishment!


Dont you just love it when men forget they even have a watch...lol!!

You said it so well Moon...some days it is just so hard to look deep enough!

I think I will use that quote on a page if thats ok...it really sums up life for Mum's I think! A life though that we wouldn't trade for anything in the whole wide world.

Have to say I loved seeing your layouts in Simple each issue. I will be popping in regularly to see what your up to.


Your photos are ... WOW ! WOW !.... love your color combo...Your style is SO perfect !

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