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January 12, 2009



loving the new AC stuff!

As for the Wii...my kids get a lot of use out of it. I think about using it. LOL. When I did actually use it...I thought the yoga portions were well done.

The part that I hate is that everytime you step on the balance board for it to weigh you, the little Wii voice says "ooohhh"...like it's concerned.


Can't wait to get my box!!! Since I have real live teenagers in my house, sometimes far too many of them!

No advice on the Wii but your post made me LOL! We have an Xbox Live that is permanently set on some variation of guitar hero and that's all I know!!


mmmmh lucky you! :)
I LOVE AC and I'm sure the new line is so fun to play with!

I received the Wii for my birthday and the Wii fit at Christmas (and I know what you mean about the computer saying I'm fat!) but seriously Wii is SO fun! I love it and I'm so not a computer game player!

tara pollard pakosta

well we got it in october and i just LOVE the wii so so MUCH! it has encouraged TONS of family time! we have bowling & boxing tournaments and my hubby LOVES the mario kart game! it is so mUCH FUN! and you don't have to have the wii fit! just if you want it! i want to buy that to go with it and eventually will! but the regular wii GET IT FOR SURE! it encourages them to be up and moving around! what more could you ask for?! esp. in winter! we dont' play much during the week cause of school and i imagine we won't play much in the summer!


lmao at yoga for the inflexible!!

not sure about the wii. we're in the same boat. forgot about it for xmas, but the kids got lots of gift cards, so we may pool them together & get one. i've heard really great things about it.

Cathy P.

we have a wii - but my husband programs video games so it is a professional requirement for us - LOL. we haven't gotten wii fit yet. so far we mostly play the sports game that came with the console. my 4-year-old daughter loves playing tennis and golf.

can't wait to see what you do with the AC goodies!


I think we are living parallel lives. I hate to cook. I hate to clean. And I don't really want a Wii, but my kids have a wicked case of Wii envy every time they come back from a playdate at a Wii-owning friend's house. *sigh* Good luck with your decision... I have no advice but will follow your decision-making process with great interest.

And that AC stuff... YUMMY! I can't wait to see what you do with it all. :)


My take on the Wii is:
My 3 girls playing + happy =
Mommy has more free to scrap.
Are you running to buy it yet? ;)
(I just found your blog, color me happy!)


apathetic *and* inflexible? you're the whole package! oh, you are so funny. have i ever told you that?

my big kids have wii and lurrrrrve it. you could do wii fit with them! :)


I wanted the Wii for Xmas, but the XBox won out. I'll probably still get one one day, only b/c I adore Mario, and the Yoga thing has me intrigued. ;p


Ohhh let's discuss the fact that you're fat. Really? This comes as a shock to me since the smallest rack size is baggy on your tooshie. Yeah. I'd like to see that machine call you fat, it doesn't lie so I highly doubt it would happen. Just sayin'.

Now, take ME for instance... when I stood on it and I heard it make that 'sigh' of get-this-woman-off-of-me sound and then it complained that I was "figeting" when it was trying to weigh me... and the fact that I nearly fell over while trying to balance. Um? Yeah. THAT was a joy ride. Fer sure.

Just remember to log on and exercise everyday or it will not only ask you why you didn't exercise the previous day, it will also ground you for not having a good reason for not doing so. LOL


Get the Wii and Wii fit. Awesome stuff. :)



Laurie is WAY jealous for all the new snazzy stuff Moon has been getting via the UPS man. :) *wink*


We got a Wii for Christmas and I think it is actually really good. The yoga is great! I would say go for it.

I can only imagine how exciting it would be to find that box on my door step!

sansku :)

Man I wish I got boxes like that. :) Can't wait to see what you'll do with all those supplies.

I got a Wii for my husband and little girl (who's 3) and they played golf together already. I had a feeling that even our little one would enjoy it. She did. I think if you are going to get any kind of gaming system, this is the one to get. At least you're doing something active. I haven't tried the Wii Fit yet even though we got that too. I'm just not into this stuff but I'm sure eventually I'll try it out. I've heard lots of raves about it though.

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