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January 16, 2009


Renee Lewis

Just precious!!!!!

tara pollard pakosta

that's so sad about SS magazine. i think all the magazine will fail eventually. nobody buys them! they go to read them for free at B&N!>
it's so SAD!!!
oh man charlie! he's so CUTE!

sansku :)

Rats about Simple Scr. magazine! My favorite. Everyone else does the "let's see how much we can cram into one page" stuff. But I know our style is the minority. Maybe Cathy or someone else can start a simple scrapbooking blog...

And just so you know. You are not allowed to ever stop showing your scrapbooking here. :D

Love the haircut!


Very very sad about Simple over here too. :(
And yes, I was about to do the same thing... post the first LO of mine they pubbed. It's kinda not-my-style now though. lol

As for the haircut, I remember the first one each of my boys got. It's sad to see the baby hair go. It's shocking to see how grown-up they look so suddenly, isn't it? Charlie's cut is perfect though... he's adorable.

Anita Meade

"Simple" reignited my passion for scrapbooking. I guess us "simple-style" girls will have to keep spreading that "Simple" goodness and philosophy on our blogs. Thanks for your inspiration to scrap Simple. :) Love Anita. xxx. PS Charlie looks gorgeous with the new "do". Haircuts can be pretty stressful for parents and kids! Glad mine are over this phase. :)


Although I am not a "true" scrapbooker (I do have a love affair with all the "stuff" and I really enjoy watching Moon go ape over paper, chip board and all the little bits, but I myself don't buy much), anyway, I'm not a scrapper in the truest sense of the word but I enjoy it nonetheless.

A couple (maybe three now?) Moon was published in SS and my daughter was in the layout. It was the first (and only) copy that I purchased. We have it tucked away so that it won't get ruined by some child thinking they can cut faces out of the pages (shudder the thought). We felt so proud to be a part of that!

Moon, you're the best...just the best.

PS: Poor Charlie-boy. He's a real boy. :(


oh, the betrayal, he must have been thinking. handsome, nonetheless. (although i was partial to the male pattern baldness.)

i'm sad about ss. so sad . . .


so sad about SS. it was my fav mag too. :(

I just bestowed you an award hee hee. details on my blog:


sansku :)

Just so you know - I scraplifted one of your designs yesterday and posted the result on my blog. It was fun scraplifting. I didn't have to come up with something from scratch. I'm sure I'll do it again using your pages as inspiration. Thanks! :D

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