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January 26, 2009



hey you! we are SO living the same life right now. Addie has been a miserable little girl for the past I don't even know how long. Her molars are all coming in at once! BUT, she actually slept all night last night woke up happy this morning.


Hope you're doing well! I've so enjoyed catching up on your blog, it had been a while!



um, i believe you owe us *two* layouts, missy.

does this suck? we couldn't even tell when timmy was teething. they just appeared with no fanfare (and no whinefare, either).



Well, I read that CZ has become a facebook addict... you should friend her! :P

As I posted on her blog, I am avoiding the whole timesucking world of facebook for fear of my family never eating another homecooked meal again... or getting fired for goofing off at work. *sigh* Addictions are NOT my friend.

Sorry to hear about Richard's grandmother. It's difficult, no matter what the circumstances. :(

And finally, I hope you guys survive the teething... it's a terrible thing for both mom and baby.


Love your lists Moon. My brain thinks like that too- I need to update my blog, so maybe I'll steal this.. Sorry to hear about R's Grandma passing though. :(

your fellow FB addict & friend. ;p


Ooooh, Mel's on fb as well?! Now I'm thinking about it. *sigh*

My husband thinks it's sad that I haven't even accepted HIM as a friend. I just ignore everyone. lol. Actually, that's not true. I have three friends whom I accepted just so I could see their photos. Two of them are related to me though... does that count?


Your friend Liz is right,
your blog IS fabulous! :)

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