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January 31, 2009



Moon -- glad to hear that you guys are safe and staying warm. I'm down in the western KY area (Murray State) and things are just a wreck here. We just got power back today, and some areas around here (farther west and around the lakes area) may not have anything for a couple more weeks.

Good to hear from you!


Oh no, I couldn't figure out exactly what your FB status meant. Poor you. I hope you get your power back soon. :S

Leanne Stamatellos

beautiful layout and as always I love your colour choice - can you share your tips when choosing colours - do you have any or are you just super natural???!! LOL!


moon, the lo is great! poor charlie. the price he pays for your creative outlet, lol. i'm glad you had warm places to stay!

oh, and the laundry? if there's a nice clean laundromat (i know, that might be an impossibility) nearby, you could take it all and do it at once. the kids would probably think it's a grand adventure! :)

sansku :)

Wishing you power! Cute layout, once again.

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