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January 09, 2009



i love it moon!
the photos are gorgeous and so heartfelt


absolutely beautiful!

Julie Mitchell from Montréal, Canada

This is absolutely stunning. Love everything about it. The quotes are adorable, the design is perfect and the journaling very touching.

melanie louette

Man, this is so, so beautiful. Liz's kit was perfect for this. You need to send this to SS ASAP, you hear me??!!
You know I'm always right. ;p

melanie louette

Has my post disappeared? I'll add it again in a sec if it doesn't appear..
I wanted to add that your journaling on this ( along with those cool quotes) is so great- very witty! I love it!




Beautiful and inspiring and funny and I could go on and on! Thank you so much for sharing.

Oh, and what kind of paper did you print your pages on, if you don't mind my asking?


Absolutely love it and your trademark fabulous journaling makes this a wonderful keepsake! I love the way you look at things with such a great wit and sense of humor.

I am a huge fan of all of Liz's kits too, especially since I'm a digi gal! :)



oh my, woman! this amazing. so perfectly simple...and what great photos.

hadn't checked out liz's site before...what great stuff. thanks for the link :)

Susan Weinroth

this is seriously STUNNING....
i love the whole idea of the minibook and your photos + journaling just make it so fabulous!


A-ha so this is how one takes (nice) pictures of oneself. I've been trying to figure this out as I start out my project 365--I've used the tripod and had my 3 year old daughter take shots of me too (lol, but true).
Your album is lovely--photos, layout, design, journaling, the quotes, everything. I'd love to do something similar to this one day.

Cathy P.

this is stunning!!!
makes me want to start a journal - i'm already in my 2nd trimester....
and I already love liz's digi designs.
this is wonderful!


This really is lovely ... almost makes me wish I was pregnant again...well almost!

melissa deakin

this is incredible, moon.
i am truly speechless.
i am jealous that i didn't take more belly shots...yours are gorgeous.
since i am still with babe, i'd love any tips for taking self-portraits in the mirror...i always seem to get a million blurry ones.
i love Liz's blog...she is so talented.
happy weekend!


Liz is amazing and your version of this album is phenomenal, Moon! I so wish I would have done this!

Tina J

Just fab! :-)

sansku :)

You are my scrapbooking Idol. For sure. I love your work.


WouaWWWWW!!! It's wondrfull! I realy like the front cover :-)


Moon, this is the best mini-album ever! I love the idea of a pregnancy mini-album too. Beautiful shots and beautiful album. I love it!!! :)


gorgeous, Moon! Destined to be pubbed, I'd say! ;)


I love the book... I love your photos... and your boy, he's adorable. I love his cheeks! :)

Mia Castrillo

Oh Moon! This is so beautiful! I couldn't help but smile while reading your journaling. So heartfelt, so meaningful, so funny! Great work!


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Love this!

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