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June 20, 2008



congrats to charlie! and i hope you all get to feeling better. i was so excited to see a new post from cz and then to see new layouts from you while i sit here waiting for timmy to put poopies in the potty seat. today is two days ina row, which means daddy will take him golfing and let him drive the cart. so exciting for us! (of course, the new posts are the icing on the cake for me) i do not get out much, lol.


This is crazy - I scrapliftet *you* last night!!

tara pollard pakosta

LOVE LOVE LOVE that 2nd layout so so MUCH!!!!!! and i use one of those pots for allergies, works wonders! my friends 8 year old uses one too and it helps her too! good LUCK!

Leanne Stamatellos

love both your layouts - they are always so great to look at.


that stinks...hope you're all feeling better soon! and i LOVE these pages...how awesome, you're so inspiring =)


Let me know what that pot is you're talking about- I had 2 sinus infections back to back a little while ago, and I'm so fed up. :( Seems like everytime I get a cold now, it turns into one, and I dread it when I feel a cold coming on.
Love the layouts, just gorgeous. :)

liz t

your layouts always leaves me weak in the knees. :)

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