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June 05, 2008



yeah, me too on the working out part. except that i didn't actually work out, but i hear you.

thanks for the tip on the backdrop, by the way--i forgot to email you to say thank you (though i did have a lovely conversation in my head ABOUT thanking you, hee hee)


Amen sister.


Hee hee, love the pictures of Charlie!

ps-I probably shouldn't admit this, but my treadmill has a nice healthy layer of dust on it that I don't really want to disturb, ha! :P

liz t,

LOL!!! love those devil horns Moon! He is a cutie. Thanks for the reminder about working out. You're a better woman than me. "working out" has been on my to-list for months. an item that I've yet to check off. :)


that bottom picture is classic, moon! love love love it! so when do i get to meet this sweet boy of yours? we're overdue for a lunch or coffee date! :)

tara pollard pakosta

too CUTE!

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