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June 12, 2008



5 hours?? egads! tim and i used to split up btwn softball and baseball games. sometimes tournaments are an all-day thing, especially during the high school years, but they're usually in a stadium with our friends and food & drink in coolers. i'm not sure, but i'm thinking you have to be pretty dang quiet at rehearsals, no?

i won't judge you, moom. in fact, tim and i were just day b/f yesterday saying we're somewhat relieved timmy doesn't appear athletic. maybe running, which he does for an hour each evening around 5. (oh, Lord, please don't make me have to go to cross-country meets. BORRRRR-ing!)

also, maddie is beautiful! stunning, really. and the whole not-smiling thing? i've noticed models don't smile, either, so maybe . . . ? no athletic requirements there, i think.


oh, no! dang my typing-while-being-leaped-upon-by-a-3yo skilz! i didn't mean to call you "moom!" but it does remind me of "mom cow," which i loved. :)


She makes a gorgeous ballerina, even if she's not that into it. She'll find something she likes better, don't worry.
And baby giraffe? ...rofl!!

melissa deakin

oh moon,
she is just gorgeous.
i remember putting my mother through the toture of dance recitals.
why is it such madness?
i think she will love gymnastics.
thinking of you...

Leanne Stamatellos

She looks graceful in the photo and that's what she'll remember! Adorable.

tara pollard pakosta

that's hilarious!
same with my girls.
they got my gracefulness or lack thereof LOL!
she's gorgeous anyway!
we are thinking of trying tennis! but savannah really wants to do the clarinet and pianO!


I think she has the grace of a gazelle! Don't count her out yet, I'll recruit other friends
into the class to talk her back into it!
I'm not doing it alone.

liz t,

oh, she is just beautiful...and baby giraffes are so CUTE.

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