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June 30, 2008



i have lusted for one myself. but my stinkin' kenmore is still going strong after 19 years. (i guess the bright side is i don't have to pay for one!)


oh, I just love your cool weather/warm weather gift delineation! Ha ha.

And, when I first glanced at the photo in bloglines, I immediately thought to myself "what in the heck kind of camera is that??" : )


Well, who wouldn't love a birthday cake with purple icing?! Happy birthday to Katie!

P.S. Totally understand about your new love. Cuts down the loads by HALF?! Niiiiiiice.

Renee Lewis

Happy Birthday to Katie!! Also, envious of your new love, here. ;)

melanie louette

I'm envious too, that thing looks like it could do a mean wash. ;) Glad the party went well, love the cake pic!


Happy belated birthday to Katie and happy early birthday to you! :)

Love the pic...

liz t

woooooh - that is one beautiful machine. And that photo of Katie - wow. Happy belated birthday to her!! :)

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