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September 04, 2009


sansku :)

99% of us aren't that popular, pretty girl.

glad you had a good time.

i'd love to see my school friends from an island where i used to live when i was 7-8. there were only 12 of us in our school! somehow it made it really special.


i think it's wonderful that the "popular" girl is also nice and now a friend of yours. you know, i think the unnamed masses probably have a much easier time of it in h.s. than either the wildly popular or the phenomenally unpopular . . . enough of my philosophizing (is that even a word?) - love this layout!

and i didn't see the post b/f this until today, either, but i love that layout, too. love the journaling of *course* but i also like the shiny bits on the flowers. :)


It sounds like you had a great time! I love the photos and the paper you used... and how perfect is that SHOE embellishment?! (I've gotta say though, I could NEVER wear shoes like the ones you described. I'd fall flat on my face before taking my first ten steps!)

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