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September 25, 2009


aud neal

Ohhh...was the signing at Joseph Beth in Lexington? That is one of my very very favorite bookstores ever. I have to travel to Frankfort for meetings every other month or so, and I always make time for a side trip to Lexington to browse at Joseph Beth for a bit.

I'm excited about her next book coming out. So many great novels I'm waiting on right now...and not nearly enough time in which to read them all.

sansku :)

i need to check these books out. i'm always looking for new ones to read. any swearing in these books or other garbage?


very cute layout - what a cute little ginger-baby! simple is good. really, i think i have never seen a layout by you that i didn't like...

re: books - what/who else are you reading now?


Oooooh, I'm in love... with that sweet baby and with your awesome design. :)


Such a soft and beautiful page- love all the stamping. :)

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