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September 12, 2008



I had the same sweater in yellow! I think your permed asian hair is adorable. And you, as always, crack me up.


AAAhahaha! in the 50's, you look just like (one of) my 3rd grade teacher(s), mrs. miller. (not that i was even born in the 50's - ol' mrs. miller just didn't update her look often.)

i saw this on cz's blog and tried it, but it took too long and i got impatient.


LMAO!!! this is a riot. i just saw this somewhere else too, love it. and btw, i had that exact same izod sweater & wore it for my class pics too....teehee.

melanie louette

LOL!! Hilarious!
And look at you as a youngster, cute as a button in that preppy sweater. ;p

Leanne Stamatellos

I am just cracking up at the photo of you from the 50s - hysterical MOON!
I need to try this.

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